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Is Your Website Putting You At Risk For A Lawsuit?

It surprises us how often we meet business owners who have no idea they can be sued for not being compliant with current laws that regulate website design.

It seems almost unbelievable to think your website design could get you into trouble, and yet this type of litigation is alive and well in the court system.

You might think your web agency has you covered on this important topic. However, many don’t.

Therefore, our advice to every business owner is to make sure you know the basics. These regulations are strict liability laws that make you, and only you, responsible.

Legally, it won’t matter if you thought your web developer was taking care of everything. You are still the one who will be held liable.

Most importantly, unnecessary litigation can drain your resources. We are here to give you the basics and get you started with compliant website design.


Accessibility regulations require that websites make reasonable accommodations for differently abled users.  The major accessibility regulations to be aware of include:


— ADA Title III

Both of these have been sited in recent court cases.


Privacy laws like GDPR are also critical to know about. Even though this is an EU regulation, it applies to websites worldwide – even yours.

GDPR and other privacy laws regulates what companies can do with the information they collect about users. It comes with a multi-million dollar fine if you aren’t compliant.

Free Compliance Checklist

If you want to learn more about these regulations, download our free Website Compliance Checklist. We know how busy you are so we took all the guess work out of getting started.

The Checklist covers the top ten things to look for in the areas of accessibility, privacy, and security. These checklists aren’t comprehensive but they are great educational starter guides to help you take action on your website design.

We even included a free downloadable action guide in the back to help you set goals and timelines to get your site into compliance.

Download The Compliance Checklist

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Your site needs to comply with privacy and accessibility laws, or you could be facing a lawsuit. Download our
FREE Compliance Checklist.

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