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Monthly Hosting

All website maintenance plans come with free monthly hosting

Routine Maintenance

Regular platform updates to maintain site security

Content Updates

Premium plans include regular content updates

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All sites require routine maintenance, updates, and security measures

It's stresful when something goes wrong and you don't know who to turn to

With a maintenance plan, we will monitor your site to make sure it is performing well

You can rest assured that your site will be backed up every night

If a problem arises, we will be there for you right away

We also include content updates for when you're too busy to post new content

It's like having a web developer and virtual assistant on retainer

Our plans combine hosting, free email, content updates and more into a low monthly fee

Working with us is easy



The foundation of a worry-free site

We believe the foundation of a worry-free site is having a strategy for long-term maintenance and support. Websites can easily break, leaving you stranded and losing money every hour it is down.

With a website maintenance plan from Horizon, you can combine the cost of hosting, content updates, email accounts, security certificates, platform updates, site monitoring, support and training into one low monthly fee. It gives you the peace of mind of knowing your site is always protected.

Some of our plans include content updates - it's like having a web developer and a virtual assistant on retainer for one low monthly fee.

All Plans include:

Monthly Hosting

All of our plans include free monthly web hosting.

Free Email Addresses

All our plans include free unlimited email addresses.

Site Maintenance

Performance and security updates for all sites.

Free SSL certificate

Transfer information on your website securely.

Site Monitoring

Your site will be monitored to make sure it is working.

Website Backups

Your site will be backed up daily and stored for 7 days.

Website Support

Plans include training, troubleshooting, and support.


Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

Basic Plan


Monthly Hosting

7 day backups of your site

Site monitoring

Security Updates

Platform Updates (WordPress)

Email Support

Training on updating content

Content Lite


Everything in the Basic Plan

1 hour/month content updates

Facebook Group for client support

Content Plus


Everything in the Basic Plan

2 hours/month content updates

Facebook Group for client support

* 6 month contract required. 10% discount for signing up for a full year of worry-free maintenance.

3 reasons to go worry-free with a maintenance plan


  • Every site needs maintenance

    Sites need to update their code for security and new features. WordPress needs updates several times a month. With a website maintenance plan, you never have to worry about routine maintenance.

  • Sites can break for various reasons

    Updates can break websites. So can new security protocols, incompatible plugins, network outages, database issues, etc. A website maintenance plan means you have a trusted team to rely on.



  • It saves you money

    We combine hosting, email, security, monitoring, maintenance, and content updates into a low monthly fee. It's like having an entire team on retainer.


If you are interested in a custom designed site, you do not need to purchase a maintenance plan from us. However, you will need to purchase web hosting from a third party and provide us full credentials for the hosting platform you chose. We strongly encourage you to have a strategy in place for long-term care and maintenance of your site.

If you are interested in a template site, we strongly encourage you to sign up for a maintenance plan. It is more efficient for us to keep your template up to date when it is within our infrastructure. If you do not sign up for a maintenance plan, you may not get routine updates we make to keep our template sites secure.

We understand wanting to make a one-time investment in your site. Having a monthly fee after launch can seem overwhelming. Unfortunately, all sites need routine maintenance. You can opt out of a maintenance plan but we encourage you to consider one for 5 important reasons:

  1. Every website needs maintenance. Plugins, code, and platforms are constantly being updated to make them more secure and to function better. While you can update your own site, it leaves you without support if an update accidentally breaks things. 
  2. All of our maintenance packages come with website monitoring. This means that we will be alerted if your website goes offline for any reason and we can start working on it immediately. 
  3. All of our maintenance packages come with 7 day backups of your site. If the unthinkable happens - your website gets hacked, a plugin crashes everything - we can restore a snapshot of your site from the last 7 days and get you up and running in no time. 
  4. All of our maintenance package clients get email support and a private Facebook group with options to upgrade their support packages. This ensures our clients have everything they need to get the most out of their sites. It really is a worry-free option. 
  5. Our maintenance packages include hosting, which means your site is on our servers where we know the ins-and-outs of everything. If something isn’t working, we can get right in and troubleshoot for you. We don’t need permission sharing, screen shots, back and forth emails to get started.

Overall, we feel our maintenance plans are the best way to serve clients and make sure they have a worry-free website experience. Without a maintenance plan, it will cost $150/hr for our web team to help troubleshoot any problems that arise.

The updates under the basic plan refer to website updates for security and performance. These updates relate to the code, plugins, platforms, databases, and servers that run your site. 

The updates in the content plan include everything in the basic plan but also include content updates such as: updating a bio, posting a new blog, listing a new service, or updating your home page. 

Maintenance plans do not include development projects such as adding a new feature, creating a new form, adding a new page, or functionality to the site. To make these kinds of code enhancements to your site, you will need to contact us for an estimate.

Every plan comes with the following features:

  • Monthly hosting
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Routine Maintenance
  • FREE SSL certificates
  • Backups of your site
  • Monitoring
  • Training and Support

Content plans come with the additional features:

  • Lite - One hour per month of updates to text, images, videos, and blogs.
  • Premium - Two hours per month of updates to text, images, videos, and blogs.

Clients are often surprised by how many updates they can request with one hour of time. Most updates, such as posting a new blog, can take only a few minutes if everything is formatted properly. If you find that you need more time, we can create a custom package for you. We also offer copywriting services. If you are tired of writing regular blog posts, articles, or updating the content on your site, we have professional writers that can help. 

Maintenance plans require a minimum commitment of 6 months. At the end of that time, you can decide to part ways or renew your contract. We would hate to see you go but we understand when life takes you in new directions. Your website and all the content is your property. You can migrate your site to a new host or close your site down completely. Please give us 30 days notice when you want to end your contract and we will do our best to help you into the next chapter of your business. 

For the stability of our infrastructure, we require clients to sign up for a minimum of 6 months. At the end of that time you can renew or close your account. We also offer 12 month commitments at a discounted rate. If you choose not to renew, we will help you migrate your site to another host or archive it for you.