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Having a new website has never been easier! Done-for-you sites are an easy and affordable way to update your online presence. We provide styles for different kinds of organizations, with the features you need most. Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3. Questions about done-for-you websites? Check out our FAQ section for more information.

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starting at $500



JOHN LITE | $500

PAUL LITE | $500










JOHN LITE | $500

PAUL LITE | $500










Health and Wellness Templates launching August 2021!

Contact us for more information or provide feedback on what you'd like to see in a template.

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Need more functionality?

A pre-styled site will give you everything you need to get started but sometimes you might need a little more. We have some great add-on features for websites to extend functionality.

Woman in front of large calendar and an hourglass


If you need more functionality for your events calendar, contact us to create a custom calendar add-on package. Prices start at just $40. Features can include:

Selling Tickets

RSVP Capabilities


Event Reminders

Event Reviews

Two people looking at various schemas


Stylize how your website shows up in Google Search Results. This can help you stand out online. Getting metadata schemas correct can be time consuming but we can streamline and automate this process for you. This service is great for:


How-to articles




Two people looking at various schemas
Woman at desk looking at things to buy on her computer


If you want to add e-commerce capabilities to your website, please contact us for a quote. With e-commerce you can grow your site to include:

Physical products


Digital Products

Event Sales


Online classes

Not seeing what you need? Contact us to see if we can help. With 15 years experience, we can find a solution that is right for you.


Absolutely not. In fact, many companies are moving to one-page sites because it is easier for users. One page sites allow you to view all the content by scrolling down the page rather than clicking menu links, making these websites easier to use on cell phones. However, our one-page designs offer the best of both worlds. Not only can a website visitor scroll down through the content, we also include a main menu at the top for anyone that prefers to navigate this way. When choosing a design, it is much more important to think about your needs. Clients that choose five page sites need much more information on each page than a one page site offers.

Are you finding it hard to choose just one style? We completely understand. We can combine elements from different designs for a small customization fee. This is the best option if you want the about page from one design but the contact page from another. Please keep in mind, the elements you want to combine need to be on existing designs. If you want to completely change a design, we consider this a custom built site. You can read more about our custom site packages.

You do not need to sacrifice your individuality or your unique point of view to have the ease and affordability of a done-for-you site. The website fee includes customization. This means we will add your unique flare in terms of logos, brand colors, photos. Once we customize all these elements and add your unique web copy, your website will be as unique as you are.

We prefer that you choose one of our maintenance plans for 5 important reasons: 

  1. Every website needs maintenance. Plugins, code, and platforms are constantly being updated to make them more secure and to function better. While you can update your own site, it leaves you without support if an update accidentally breaks things. 
  2. All of our maintenance packages come with website monitoring. This means that we will be alerted if your website goes offline for any reason and we can start working on it immediately. 
  3. All of our maintenance packages come with 7 day backups of your site. If the unthinkable happens - your website gets hacked, a plugin crashes everything - we can restore a snapshot of your site from the last 7 days and get you up and running in no time. 
  4. All of our maintenance package clients get email support with options to upgrade their support packages. This ensures our clients have everything they need to get the most out of their sites. It really is a worry-free option. 
  5. Our maintenance packages include hosting, which means your site is on our servers where we know the ins-and-outs of everything. If something isn’t working, we can get right in and troubleshoot for you. We don’t need permission sharing, screen shots, back and forth emails with you to get started.

Overall, we feel our maintenance plans are the best way to serve clients and make sure they have a worry-free website experience.

We do not package our designs so that they can be installed by third parties. There are many sites where you can purchase pre-packaged templates, and we are happy to recommend a few. To ensure that our sites are worry-free, we install, customize, and provide long-term maintenance and support for our clients.

You can customize:

  • Your logo
  • Your brand colors
  • Images of you, your business, your products
  • All content is customizable

Clients must register their own domain name and provide us with the necessary information to set up their sites. Clients are also responsible for content, images, logos, video, and branding assets. We are happy to provide guidance as part of the creative design process.

Writing for the web is a very unique writing style. Website owners only have a few seconds to grab the attention of visitors. Long paragraphs of text may not be right for some areas of your site but they may be perfect for other areas of your site. We can help guide you on what kind of writing is best for each section. If you don’t have time to write your content, you can contact us for additional writing services. We have professional writers on our team that can help. 

The visual brand of your site sets you apart from other businesses in your same area. If you don’t have a logo, color palette, or other brand assets, we have branding packages available from our branding experts. 

Clients are also responsible for creating the accounts for any third party integrations they want on their site such as online booking, online giving, newsletter signup, social media accounts.  If there is a fee associated with a third-party application, the client is responsible for paying that fee. Some common examples include a MailChimp account for managing email lists, Calendly for managing client bookings, etc. We ask that you provide us the necessary credentials so that we can successfully integrate these services into your site.

Great question! Please browse through our designs and pick the right one for you. Make note of the name and any additional questions for us. 

Next, go over to our maintenance plan page and choose the level of support you want. Make note of the plan name and any questions you have.

Use our "Work With Us" form to send us a message. We will set up a meeting with you to talk through your project and finalize all the details. This meeting will cover your done-for-you design and maintenance plan choices, questions you need answered, addons you might want, a list of things we need from you to get started, and timelines for completing your site. Once we have outlined your plan for success, we will send over a contract to get started.