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As a coach, you use your years of experience helping others achieve higher levels of success and happiness. You deserve a web development team that can operate at this same level.


At Horizon, we want to take the stress of owning and operating a website off your plate so you can focus on what you do best - changing lives! Whether you need a full branding package or help maintaining an existing site, we are here for you.


Don't let your website become a source of stress in your business. Whatever challenge you are facing, we can help. We work best as your technology partner and consultant, helping you think through the complicated online world to come up with strategies that work best for you.

Our Services

We are a full-service agency that does more than build pretty sites.

We help you maintain and operate them for long-term success.









Hosting & Maintenance

Every site needs monthly hosting and routine maintenance for security and performance. We combine both into one plan and add in freebies so you can have a truly worry-free experience.

Paid Monthly

Paid Yearly


$32.00 / MO



$80.00 / MO



$120.00 / MO


* We require an annual purchase paid in advance for the special yearly price to apply.


Here's what a few other people are saying about working with us. 


Dotty Roberts-Emerson

Director, Community Rise

The website evaluation found things on our site we would never have known about. It was very comprehensive. We got way more than I was expecting.

The sections on security and privacy are worth their weight in gold. We don't have time to keep up with the regulations. The report gave us peace of mind.

Prof Photo

Chelsee Lee

Owner, Chelsee Lee Virtual Assistant

Tim and Twila evaluated my website for me in September and I was blown away! They were extremely thorough and not only told me what I was doing wrong but also what I had done right. This was such a nice and positive change! They pointed out weaknesses that would affect my SEO and offered suggestions on how I could fix those areas. Talked me through any security issues and what I could do to overall improve the visual and presentation. I cannot recommend them enough!

Tyler Pearson

Tyler Pearson

Director of Informatics, OU Libraries

I am always impressed with the scope of Tim's knowledge and his ability to produce tangible results.

Within the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tim lead his team to develop a solution to track and report occupancy of the facilities in real-time. This was paramount in keeping occupancy at the library within safe levels.

Hire him, trust him!


Dr. Adrienne Stewart

Owner & Medical Director of Nourish Medical Center

Twila is a lifesaver! I have worked with Twila for years and she always has my back. 

The amount of time she has saved me is priceless and I will be forever grateful for all of her help.

If you are on the fence, trust my recommendation of Horizon Digital Services!

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to sacrifice your individuality or your unique point of view to have the ease and affordability of a done-for-you site. The design fee includes customization. This means we will add your unique flare in terms of logos, brand colors, photos. Once we customize all these elements and add your unique web copy, your website will be as unique as you are.

Absolutely! The first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation with us. Expect to spend between 45 minutes to an hour talking about your website needs. With that information, we will create a quote and a plan for your success. This plan will include timelines, deliverables, an estimate, and a long-term maintenance strategy to make sure you are set up for success.

This is a great question. Many of our clients worry about hidden fees, which is why transparency is so important to us. Your website package will cover many aspects of your site, but there are exceptions that you should know about.

For example, you are responsible for registering your domain name, purchasing any stock photos you might be interested in, or hiring a copywriter if you need someone to write your content. To help make things clear, our estimates break down the cost in easy-to-understand language and highlight exactly what is covered. The only time a project might cost more is if a client wants to add functionality to the site that wasn’t covered in the original estimate. In this case, we would amend our contract and give you a quote for the additional feature.

You will always know up front how much our services cost before we start working with you. Our mission is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. Those relationships are based on trust and mutual respect.

We understand wanting to make a one-time investment in your site. Having a monthly fee after launch can seem overwhelming. Unfortunately, all sites need routine maintenance. You can opt-out of a maintenance plan but we encourage you to consider one for 5 important reasons:

  1. Every website needs maintenance. Plugins, code, and platforms are constantly being updated to make them more secure and to function better. While you can update your own site, it leaves you without support if an update accidentally breaks things. 
  2. All of our maintenance packages come with website monitoring. This means that we will be alerted if your website goes offline for any reason and we can start working on it immediately. 
  3. All of our maintenance packages come with 7-day backups of your site. If the unthinkable happens - your website gets hacked, a plugin crashes everything - we can restore a snapshot of your site from the last 7 days and get you up and running in no time. 
  4. All of our maintenance package clients get email support and a private Facebook group with options to upgrade their support packages. This ensures our clients have everything they need to get the most out of their sites. It really is a worry-free option. 
  5. Our maintenance packages include hosting, which means your site is on our servers where we know the ins and outs of everything. If something isn’t working, we can get right in and troubleshoot for you. We don’t need permission sharing, screenshots, back and forth emails to get started.

Overall, we feel our maintenance plans are the best way to serve clients and make sure they have a worry-free website experience. Without a maintenance plan, it will cost $150/hr for our web team to help troubleshoot any problems that arise.

Clients must register their own domain names and provide us with the necessary information to set up their sites. Clients are also responsible for the content, images, logos, video, and branding assets. We are happy to provide guidance as part of the creative design process.

Writing for the web is a very unique writing style. Website owners only have a few seconds to grab the attention of visitors. Long paragraphs of text may not be right for some areas of your site but they may be perfect for other areas of your site. We can help guide you on what kind of writing is best for each section. If you don’t have time to write your content, you can contact us for additional writing services. We have professional writers on our team that can help. 

The visual brand of your site sets you apart from other businesses in your same area. If you don’t have a logo, color palette, or other brand assets, we have branding packages available from our branding experts. 

Clients are also responsible for creating the accounts for any third party integrations they want on their site such as online booking, online giving, newsletter signup, social media accounts.  If there is a fee associated with a third-party application, the client is responsible for paying that fee. Some common examples include a MailChimp account for managing email lists, Calendly for managing client bookings, etc. We ask that you provide us the necessary credentials so that we can successfully integrate these services into your site.

The updates under the basic plan refer to website updates for security and performance. These updates relate to the code, plugins, platforms, databases, and servers that run your site. 

The updates in the content plan include everything in the basic plan but also include content updates such as: updating a bio, posting a new blog, listing a new service, or updating your home page. 

Maintenance plans do not include development projects such as adding a new feature, creating a new form, adding a new page, or functionality to the site. To make these kinds of code enhancements to your site, you will need to contact us for an estimate.

Every plan comes with the following features:

  • Monthly hosting
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Routine Maintenance
  • FREE SSL certificates
  • Backups of your site
  • Monitoring
  • Training and Support

Content plans come with the additional features:

  • Lite - One hour per month of updates to text, images, videos, and blogs.
  • Premium - Two hours per month of updates to text, images, videos, and blogs.
Ready to have a worry-free website? Contact us for a complimentary consultation.