An exclusive online club designed to keep your website fresh and inspired.

#1 MOST Guarded Secret in the Web Design World:

You don't need an expensive website redesign to have a crazy good website that people love. We know. We're web designers.

You need to NURTURE & LOVE & CARE for the website you do have.

Do you know what's amazing about your website? It always has your back. It speaks for you when you aren't around to speak for yourself. It sells for you when you need a break. It shows up every day and never takes a vacation.


BUT . . .


Sometimes, you treat it as a destination (my website's done!) instead of a journey. You launch and forget. It should be the window into the soul of your business. But, when life gets too busy, it reflects who you were, not who you are.


In the end, you fall out of love with it (awww) and think that ONLY a redesign will bring back the magic.


Before we share our rule-breaking approach to web design...

We wanted to introduce ourselves.


We are Tim and Twila Smith, co-founders of Horizon Digital Services. Rather than trying to impress you with our years of experience or awards we've won, we want to tell you the first thing people say when they find out we're web designers:


"Oh goodness! My website is SO out of date."


And, every time we hear it, a sad theme song plays in the background. Why? Because these are brilliant humans. We get chills when they talk about what they do because they are SO DANG PASSIONATE. But, when we visit their website - crickets. Where is all that passion, power, and clarity?


Now, we are happy to talk with new clients about their website blues. We love auditing their sites and proposing something inspiring that they will LOVE. But what's the point when we KNOW the website is going to be out of date in two months.

You're busy & driven & probably running on empty.

Literally running on empty. The E is flashing on the dashboard but instead of filling up on the way home, you tell yourself you'll do it tomorrow (face palm).


People put their websites on the back burner for so many reasons, but the most common is simply being exhausted. We are so busy dealing with life that it takes all our energy to remember where we put the car keys. And sometimes, just sometimes, we have to go into the bathroom and shut the door just to have a few minutes of peace.


But you know what's hanging out on that back burner with your website? All the money you are leaving on the table because it's not as powerful as it could be.


Queue sad music. You deserve so much more than that you freakin rockstar.


Inspiration & Accountability

You might be thinking:


"I don't have time for either of those."


Honestly, though, you're just kicking the work down the road and it'll catch up with you eventually. There's nothing more time-consuming than a redesign, you just feel ready for the work because you think it's going to solve all your problems.


What if we helped you BREAK the crazy expensive, exhausting redesign cycle and instead helped you take inspired action on your website and held you accountable to your own GREATNESS.


It could change EVERYTHING.


What if that inspired action was easy, creative, and dare we say FUN! What if there were prizes involved, and collective wisdom, and so much dang support?

We wholeheartedly believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

We know that taking big massive action is exciting and sexy. But, like James Clear, we believe in incremental improvements (anyone else reading Atomic Habits?)


In our industry, it's called iterative design and all the major companies use it to succeed (think Facebook and Amazon). If it can work for them, it can work for you.


Webspiration Club is an online club that harnesses the power of iterative design to keep your site fresh and inspired. Join to get these great benefits:


  • Private Facebook Group where all the magic happens.
  • (Easy) Weekly Challenges┬áto improve your site in small increments
  • Monthly Webinars to up your skills to mad genius level
  • Prizes & Giveaways when you meet your freakin GOALS!!!
  • Accountability Partners (so many of them) to cheer you on!

This opportunity is for people who are truly ready to kiss expensive redesigns goodbye and take charge of their websites like the bosses they are.