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We would be flippin' happy to chat with you. Our complimentary consults are not sales calls (yuck), they are mini strategic thinking sessions with people who love to be of service to others.


Here's what you can expect:  a friendly Zoom call with 30-minutes of focused time and attention on your website needs. We ask a lot of questions, scribble notes that are hard to read, and tend to poke around your site if you have one.


What we don't do is try to pressure you into a one-size-fits-all package or a service offering. Maybe you need a website redesign, maybe you don't. By talking through your challenges, it usually becomes clear exactly how we can help.


If you want to chat and get some advice about your unique situation, we'd love to hear from you.


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Dotty Roberts-Emerson

Director, Community Rise

The website evaluation found things on our site we would never have known about. It was very comprehensive. We got way more than I was expecting.

The sections on security and privacy are worth their weight in gold. We don't have time to keep up with the regulations. The report gave us peace of mind.

Prof Photo

Chelsee Lee

Owner, Chelsee Lee Virtual Assistant

Tim and Twila evaluated my website for me in September and I was blown away! They were extremely thorough and not only told me what I was doing wrong but also what I had done right. This was such a nice and positive change! They pointed out weaknesses that would affect my SEO and offered suggestions on how I could fix those areas. Talked me through any security issues and what I could do to overall improve the visual and presentation. I cannot recommend them enough!

Tyler Pearson

Tyler Pearson

Director of Informatics, OU Libraries

I am always impressed with the scope of Tim's knowledge and his ability to produce tangible results.

Within the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tim lead his team to develop a solution to track and report occupancy of the facilities in real-time. This was paramount in keeping occupancy at the library within safe levels.

Hire him, trust him!


Dr. Adrienne Stewart

Owner & Medical Director of Nourish Medical Center

Twila is a lifesaver! I have worked with Twila for years and she always has my back. 

The amount of time she has saved me is priceless and I will be forever grateful for all of her help.

If you are on the fence, trust my recommendation of Horizon Digital Services!


Joined Pinkies

We will always explain things in plain language with a friendly approach.

We will listen deeply so we understand every detail of the project.

We will create a clear plan of success that outlines the scope of work.

As your web design company, we will do all the work but walk you through every step.

We will continuously improve our skillsets and stay on top of emerging trends.

We will always keep privacy, security, and accessibility as top priorities.

We will meet all our agreed upon deadlines with no hidden costs.

We will help you maintain your projects long into the future.

We will strive for excellent customer service so you have a good experience.

We will be there for you on this project, on the next one, and any after that.